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   The FabriClean Supply Eco/Green Assurance   

FabriClean Supply has taken a leadership role in providing environmentally-friendly products and programs for our industry. We believe each person or company can make a difference in our environment.

You can make a contribution by participating in our poly recycling program or switch to a "green" cleaner. We also offer poly bags with a bio-degradable additive that reduces the life span of the bag. Strength and functionality are not compromised and they can be reused and recycled.

If you would like to make a significant contribution, we have a full line of products to meet your every need.  Whether the change is big or small it helps our environment. FabriClean Supply is committed to improving our environment by working with our vendors and partners to be innovative and provide products that are healthy for our planet.

We are committed to doing our part to help you: REDUCE > REUSE > RECYCLE



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