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FabriClean Supply Technical Guidance

FabriClean Supply can help you with your technical needs, which can help save you money in the long run. Our expert technical staff is able to work with businesses within many manufacturing and service industries. Our services can help you identify opportunities to cut costs through pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices.

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Energy Efficiency

Implementing a number of energy efficient solutions can benefit your business by reducing costs and reducing the impact on the environment.


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Water Conservation

Your company is still paying twice for water; once for the water provided to your facility and once for the amount of water you are discharging to the local wastewater treatment facility. Water conservation measures can reduce the amount of water you use, as well as, your water costs.

Water Conservation

For more information on Water Conservation, Click here.


Tips for Going Green

So, interested in “going green?”

Many businesses are realizing the many benefits of going green: lower operating costs and improved environmental impact. We provide information about reducing greenhouse gases, reducing your environmental footprint, and implementing other measures to help your company “go green.”

Tips for Going Green

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Pollution Prevention for Dry Cleaning / Garment Care Shops

  • Converting to newer, more efficient equipment (e.g., closed loop dry-to-dry system) reduces solvent use and waste.
  • Replace an activated carbon adsorber perchloroethylene trap with a refrigerated condenser to reduce the generation of perc-contaminated separator water.
  • Make sure any additives you put in the solvent are completely dissolved before the solvent goes through the filter.
  • Keep the filter housing full of solvent when you are not using the equipment.
  • When you run the still, do not let solvent return temperature go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Centigrade). This will minimize solvent loss through the storage tank vent.
  • Inspect equipment and piping regularly for leaks, worn parts, proper temperatures, solvent "mileage." Repair problems quickly.
  • Do not dispose of separator water down a drain. Ship it as a dangerous waste or carbon filter to below 0.7 p.p.m. perc before evaporating.
  • For a refrigerated condenser on the dryer vent: be sure the temperature in the outlet of condenser is not above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • For an activated carbon adsorber on the dryer vent: measure the perchloroethylene concentration in the outlet from the adsorber with a colorimetric detector tube or hand-held detector. It must be less than 100 parts per million. If it is higher, regenerate or replace the adsorber. The activated carbon is a dangerous waste when depleted.

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